Mold Removal and Testing

Our dry fog technology allows us to keep your home safe, dry, and intact with this two-step process.

Step 1: InstaPURE

InstaPURE is a disinfectant fog that spreads throughout your home and destroys mold spores. Turning the spores into inert matter, it allows you to relax knowing that your family is safe from the mold. InstaPURE also disinfects every surface it comes across and has been used in daycares, hospitals and gyms.

Step 2: EverPURE

EverPURE is the second step in this process. As an antimicrobial, it is applied to the surfaces in your home or business to help prevent further mold production. This chemical is EPA verified with guaranteed 90-day protection once applied. It doesn’t leave any residue, and any bacteria that lands on a surface with EverPURE is destroyed on contact.

InstaPURE and EverPURE are both EPA-approved in all 50 states.

Why Demolition-free Mold Removal?


Our dry fog solution cleans surfaces and destroys airborne spores quickly. This EPA-approved sterilant is guaranteed to add protection to your home and keep it safe from mold and bacteria. Not only does it clean the visible surfaces in your home, but it also reaches behind walls, in air ducts, and in furniture. 


Our process is more affordable because we can do the job without tearing out your walls or cutting into your carpets. These savings are transferred to you. We also give your free estimates and inspections. 


Many other mold remediation services take weeks to clean a single room because they require tearing up carpets or digging into walls to remove the mold. Our solution doesn't require that, and your entire home can be finished in just 4 hours. 


Because we don't have to damage and reconstruct any part of your home for our solution to work, we can get you back in your home within hours. You don't have to worry about giving us access to your home for the span of many days to get the job done. 

Mold Inspections Testing

Pure Maintenance can provide air quality testing, tape testing, and ERMI testing to help find mold in your home or business.

  • The most common form of testing in the mold removal industry, air quality testing typically uses a 75 liter air sample from inside a building and is then pulled through a small filter and sent to a lab.
  • Tape tests are generally used on mold that you can see to determine that type of mold that is growing. However this isn’t always necessary when you can already see the mold.
  • ERMI testing is the most accurate and expensive test that is available. It is done by vacuuming up mold and dust with a specific vacuum and filter system.

Each test will be run through a independent, third party lab, and a report will be returned to the home or business owner to determine the best plan for removal.